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SUL Wellness System

Student Work

SUL is a speculative platform that gathers and combines data on the user’s mental and physical state to provide personalized workout routines, emotional support, and access to herbal teas. The system writes workouts based on this data, provides an outlet to discuss their struggles with mental health and motivation, and gives them access to different types of teas to support the mental health aspect. All of these features would be communicated through one single AI entity in the system to keep the features simple for the user and cultivate an environment of personal growth, both physically and mentally.

This project was completed in conjunction with Rylie Lawver and Ipek Pelit.

Final Video


Step 1: Initial Research

After some initial web surfing looking into existing systems to aid people in motivation, we decided to interview people who knew a great deal more about physical fitness than we did. We presented this research in the form of micro podcast episodes from an imaginary podcast entitled "The Fit TidBit." 

After our research, we decided to pivot our focus from supplements and nutrition to emotional health. When interviewing an avid amateur runner, Madeleine, I noted how she relied on physical activity to get her through emotional turmoil, including the COVID-19 pandemic. This eventually became the basis of the entire SUL Wellness System. 

Micro Podcast Episode 1
00:00 / 02:56
Micro Podcast Episode 2
00:00 / 03:51
Micro Podcast Episode 3
00:00 / 02:38

Step 2: Understanding the problem

We then began user research by asking people to record their emotional states as they relate to their physical activity throughout the day. We found a clear correlation between the subjects' activities and moods. Their described feelings of boredom or tiredness solidified the ideas for components of the designed system in our heads. This research was presented in the form of an interactive Figma prototype. 

In addition to the micro research comprising of individual user journeys, we also created this diagram below, which illustrates a more macro view of the progression of the pandemic. We focused on big milestones of COVID_19 as a whole, as well as emotional responses of the population. 

Step 3: Designing the system

Main SUL Logo

Exercise Logo

Tea Time Therapy Logo

The cornerstones of the brand identity are representing self-love, balance, and relaxation. The color scheme is bright, yet calming to reinforce the idea of taking care of both your mental and physical health. The app features allow the users to track and nurture both forms of health, as well as connect and share with others or read/listen to articles or podcasts relating to physical activity or mental health.  the friendly shapes inspired by the idea of growth are present yet subtle on the app and echoed through the herbal tea packaging. each blend features a different, yet related color scheme that references the type of blend and the activity it was designed to go along with. 

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