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KOA National Camping 
Month Promotion

Internship Project

During my internship at MMGY Global, a travel advertisement agency based in Kansas City, MO, I worked with an intern team dedicated to one client: KOA Campgrounds. Throughout he summer, the intern team developed and pitched a promotional campaign based on customer research compiled by the client. The project was completed in three phases, with a client presentation at the end of each. Working with the interns from each department to create and present slide decks was such a great experience and showed me the ins and outs of an interdepartmental effort. Within the creative department, I worked with copy writers and art directors, and gained an understanding of the operations in place, including file organization, different roles of departments, and general project progression and development. I also used a work management system for the first time, receiving my daily or weekly tasks and uploading files for review. 

This project was completed with Maddie Martin, Paige Rome, Cain Lever, and the rest of the 2019 MMGY Summer Internship team. 

Final Promotion Client Presentation

Final Social Video


Phase 1 Presentation

Phase 2 Presentation

Phase 3 Presentation